Artisan Distillers Canada (ADC) is a national organization focused on celebrating and highlighting artisan distilleries and spirits across Canada.

Our goals include:

  • Consumer Awareness: improve awareness of artisan distilleries and spirits through the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition, as well as other media activities.

  • Best Practices: provide opportunities for distillers to network and learn about best practices through various events and programs.

  • Community: foster a sense of community among artisan distillers in order to help develop and mature the industry as a whole.

ADC defines what distilleries and products meet our criteria through our Artisan Distillery & Product Qualifications. Distilleries and products which meet these qualifications provide consumers with the guarantee that the spirits they are purchasing are made in small batches by locally-owned producers.

ADC evolved out of the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition, which was launched in 2017.