Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

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The Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition highlights and celebrates the best artisan spirits from across Canada.

"Canada’s microdistillers are making so many interesting and delectable spirits it’s hard to know which ones to try first. With a strong range of entries and a credible judging panel, The Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition highlights the best of the best. This, in turn, tells consumers where to start exploring them."

- Davin de Kergommeaux, Author of the award winning book, Canadian Whisky: The New Portable Expert

About the Competition

CASC is held annually and is open to qualified artisan distilleries. The competition awards:

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals based on the judged merit of the spirit

  • Best in Class in each of our 17 categories

  • A single Canadian Artisan Spirit of the Year for the top-scoring spirit overall

Spirits are judged blindly by a panel of judges from across the country.

Bitters Competition – New for 2020

CASC will host a spirit competition for Canadian Artisan Bitters. The bitters must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Bitters must be made using alcohol extraction and real ingredients. No artificial flavours are permitted.

  2. The company must owned and operated in Canada.

  3. The company must be the original producer – no contract-produced or white label products are permitted.

Judging of Bitters

  • Bitters will not be divided into categories like spirits, but there are a couple of optional categories (Canadian Terroir and Regional Expressive (International). Read more here.

  • Bitters will be evaluated by separate judges from the spirit competition. We are finalizing our list of industry experts.

  • Bitters will be judged on three criteria:

    • Aroma

    • Taste

    • Balance

Branding Competition – New for 2020

  • This year we will be awarding medals for Design and Series Design (for three or more bottles in a series).

  • The bottles will be judged locally in Vancouver using packaging and design industry experts.

  • We will ensure judges have no conflict of interest (they do not have distillery clients).

  • All aspects of the bottle and label design will be evaluated.