Scoring & Awards

Spirits are evaluated on a point-based system in four categories: nose, palate, and finish, and quality.

  • Based on the sum of the scores from all judges, spirits will be given awards for bronze, silver, or gold.

  • Spirits entered for a second consecutive year which score the same medal will be awarded the medal with distinction, indicating a consistent quality.

  • The top spirit in each category (best in class) will also be announced.

  • The Canadian Artisan Spirit of the Year will be awarded to the spirit with the overall highest score regardless of category.


All spirits are judged blind. Judges perform a sensory evaluation of the spirits and enter their perceptions into our scoring system. The judges may consider a particular spirit flight in any manner they deem appropriate. Judges receive only the spirit type, mash bill, and ABV together with a numbered sample bottle. Judging will be distributed and take place over the course of roughly two months.


TJudges are selected based on their knowledge and experience with spirits in general, as well as their influence within the industry.