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Spirit & Bitters Entries
Entries Price per entry
1-3 129.99
4-6 104.99
7-9 79.99
10th Free
Example pricing:
2 spirits: 129.99x2=259.98
5 spirits: (129.99x3)+(104.99x2)=599.95
Terroir Spirit Entries
Entries Price per entry
1-3 29.99
Branding Entries
Entries Price per entry
1-10 49.99

Qualifications for Entry

Early Bird Pricing – Spirits & Bitters

  • Price is per spirit or bitters entry.

  • After August 30, 2019 all prices increase by $20.

  • For greater than 10 entries, please contact us.

  • Members receive $50 off your first entry.

Early Bird Pricing – Branding

  • Spirits or bitters entered in the tasting competition are not automatically entered into the branding competition.

  • Branding competition pricing will increase by $10 after August 30, 2019.

  • Entrants must submit one additional bottle per entry.

  • You must enter at least one spirit into the tasting competition.

Member Discount

  • ADC Members receive $50 your first entry in the competition.

  • Distilleries which enter the Bitters competition will also receive a separate $50 off their first entry.

Registration Process

Step 0

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

(optional) Sign up for membership with Artisan Distillers Canada to get $50 off your first entry, and a 10% discount on bottle stickers.

Register your distillery or bitters company for participation, ensuring you meet our qualifications.

Pay for your entries and register your products.

Send us your spirits.

Registration Pages


  • AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2019: Registration, send us your spirits

  • OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2019: Judging

  • First week of FEBRUARY 2020: Results are announced