Artisan Distillers Canada Launches

The Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition is about to finish a successful second year. We saw significant growth in participation, with an increase in entries of about 50%. Looking at the artisan distillery landscape across the country, I know that there’s much more we can do as a community to build awareness and support each other, and that’s why I’ve decided to launch Artisan Distillers Canada.

The spirit competition will be a significant cornerstone of ADC, but my hope is to use its success to build a larger organization which goes beyond spirits judging. Among the programs we’re planning:

  • A monthly newsletter with both a roundup of industry news as well as original content

  • A one-day conference in 2020

  • Market research

  • Other programs to help distillers fine tune their products and market positions (stay tuned!)

ADC will be membership-based, but our goal is to make it accessible to even the smallest distillery, and also to provide enough benefits that joining is an easy decision for distilleries across the country.