News You Will Use: a must-read round-up

Cheery News for All

Spirits sales volumes were up by 3.2% in Canada last year, the largest annual increase since 2006, according to Spirits Canada. In an era that’s drowning in craft beer and ready-to-drink cocktails, it’s good news for the whole spirits industry.

B.C. Forges an Artisan Distillery Trail

What can your region learn from these enterprising small-batch distillers in the South Okanagan, who collaborated to form a spirited self-guided trail through the area?

Alberta Pays Tribute to Craft Distilling

For 12 days this past January, the first Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival warmed up Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta. See how they rallied distilleries, restaurants and bars to participate, and partnered with the local SnowDays festivities on a weekend sampling fair.

Saskatchewan’s Purple Reign

Find out how Saskatoon’s Stumbletown Distilling looked in its own backyard to pioneer the distillation of purple wheat, a uniquely Saskatchewan grain.

Ontario Wheys In on Vodka

The whey-based Vodcow made by Dairy Distillery in Almonte, Ontario, isn’t the only product that could benefit from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s intent to modernize the definition of vodka beyond potatoes and grain.

Yukon and Newfoundland Cut Distillers a Break

Both regions introduced changes in recent months that are friendly to artisan distillers: find out about Newfoundland Liquor Corporation discounts for craft beverage products, and changes to Yukon Liquor Corporation charges to small producers.

Nova Scotia Gets Spirited Away

A secret drinking tour, DIY gin making or a boozy breakfast? Lessons in success from the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia-based weekend craft spirit and cocktail festival, now in its 5th year.

Reviving a New Brunswick Town

Where the Piccadilly mine once drove business in Sussex, New Brunswick, a group of investors sees potential to revitalize the town with a craft distillery, showing how our industry can be instrumental to local economies

High and Dry in PEI

A cautionary buyer-beware tale: when equipment manufacturer DME went into receivership late last year, craft producers like this Toronto brewer were left holding the bag.