Spirits Books

Not one but two books about the artisan distilling scene in Canada are currently in progress: here’s the first, and watch upcoming issues for a preview of the second.  

“We think this shows it’s finally time to really celebrate an industry that's having a moment,” says author and cocktail expert (American Walks into a Bar) Christine Sismondo, co-author with Stephen Beaumont (The World Atlas of Beer) of one of at least two upcoming small-batch spirits books.

Canadian Spirits: The Essential Cross-country Guide to Distilleries, Their Spirits and Where to Imbibe Them will be a distillery tourist’s roadmap to more than 160 distilleries, along with a history of spirits production in Canada.

“Just when you think you've got everyone covered, you discover new distilleries opening up that you had no idea about,” says Sismondo. “That's scary when you're trying to be as comprehensive as possible, but really exciting for future of the industry.” 

With colour photos and reviews of around 600 spirits of all types (“Our rum scene is way better than you might have ever guessed!” says Sismondo), the Nimbus Publishing book is expected to come out in October 2019. Pre-order it here.