What’s in a Package? 5 Trends to Consider

Are you considering entering the new branding category of CASC and wondering how you would fare? Artisan Spirit magazine recently identified the top five trends in small-batch spirits packaging: what personality is your distillery brand, and what is it saying to your customers?

Nostalgic: Artisan Spirit identifies this brand by its historical look that plays on the heritage of a region or location, a turn-of-the-century aesthetic with vintage type, crests or seals plus details and flourishes like gold foil. You’re communicating both the luxury of your product and hearkening back to the quality of earlier times.

Bootlegger/Prohibition: If your label or logo uses hand-drawn or rough-hewn type, crafty aged-looking paper and old photos or historic iconography that looks back to a speakeasy era and more lawless times, you’re communicating that your brand is a renegade that bucks the status quo.

Copper: Your still is the heart of the distillery, and if your brand is inspired mainly by the magic of copper and the iconography of your still, you’re implying handcrafted, small-batch quality... but perhaps not setting yourself off from the pack, Artisan Spirit says.

Large Type: This trend sees the name of the product dominating the label: vodka, whisky, gin. While this translates well to an easy call for your spirit from the back bar and promotes the product, you’re missing an opportunity to communicate a broader message about your overall brand, the article says.

Modern and Clean: Bright, vibrant colours and sleek and sophisticated design (often using sans-serif typefaces and visual references to technology or innovation) drive more modern packaging. This type of brand cultivates urban appeal, fashion-forward followers and communicates sophistication, the article speculates.

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