CASC Registration Step 3 of 3:

Ship Your Products

Thank you for registering your products with the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition! You have completed Step 2 of 3. Your final step is to send us your spirits!

Product Requirements

  • Spirits: at least 750ml of each spirit. This means:

    • 1x750ml bottle OR

    • 2x375ml bottle OR

    • 2x500ml bottle OR

  • Branding Competition: one additional bottle

    • Send the standard size

  • Bitters: 4oz of each product entered

Shipping Instructions

(1) Ship to:

Artisan Distillers Canada

Unit #193, 915 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 4B8

(2) Ask for a signature in order to ensure the package arrives

(3) IMPORTANT – DO NOT SELECT: Card (hold) for pickup. This will hold your package at the post office and we'll have to pick it up. You will be levied an additional $100 fee if this option is selected.

(4) Do not use packing peanuts!

All submissions must be received no later than Thursday, September 26